Student Competition

26th Annual Frank J. Redd
Student Competition
2018 Finalists

Wednesday, August 8

10:45 AM
Extending Target Tracking Capabilities through Trajectory and Momentum Setpoint Optimization
Robert Magner - University of Toronto

11:00 AM
Non-coherent LED Arrays as Ground Beacons for Small Satellite Optical Communications Systems
Christian Haughwout - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

11:15 AM
Improved Model for Low Cost Sun Sensor Attitude Filtering
Nicholas DiGregorio - University at Buffalo

11:30 AM
Attitude Dynamics Modeling of Nanosatellites with Flexible Deployable Structures
Mandar Phadnis - University of Colorado, Boulder

11:45 AM
Payload Configuration, Integration and Testing of the Deformable Mirror Demonstration Mission (DeMi) CubeSat
Jennifer Gubner - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12:00 PM
Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Commercial and Scientific Applications of Formation Flying
Nathan Cole, Starla Talbot - University of Toronto