Technical Sessions

Monday, August 6

Session I: The Year in Review

A review of missions that have been launched in the past 18 months, with an emphasis on lessons learned and/or the technological advancements that significantly enhanced mission utility.

Session Chair: Tim Lynch, Harris

2:15 PM
Dellingr: Reliability Lessons Learned from On-Orbit
Larry Kepko, Luis Santos Soto, Chuck Clagett, Behnam Azimi, Dean Chai, Alan Cudmore, James Marshall, John Lucas - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2:30 PM
NASA IceCube: CubeSat Demonstration of a Commercial 883-GHz Cloud Radiometer
Jaime Esper, Dong Wu, Brian Abresch, Brooks Flaherty, Chris Purdy, John Hudeck, Juan Rodriguez, Ted Daisey - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2:45 PM
Remove Debris Mission, From Concept to Orbit
Ben Taylor, Guglielmo Aglietti, Simon Fellowes - Surrey Space Centre; Sean Ainley - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd; Thierry Salmon – Aribus Safran Launchers; Ingo Retat, Christopher Burgess, Thomas Chabot – Airbus Defense and Space

3:00 PM
ORS-5 System Acquisition Successes and Regrets
Shahnaz Punjani, Heather Bogstie, Jared Grady, Mike Hogan, Eric Moomey, Robert Zaza – Space and Missiles Systems Center; Lisa Berenberg – The Aerospace Corporation

3:15 PM
The NASA Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration Program: Proximity Operations
Darren Rowen, Brian Hardy, Christopher Coffman, David Hinkley, Richard Welle, Siegfried Janson - The Aerospace Corporation


On-Orbit Results and Lessons Learned from the ASTERIA Space Telescope Mission
Matthew Smith, Amanda Donner; Mary Knapp – Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Christopher Pong - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Colin Smith, Jason Luu, Peter Di Pasquale, Brian Campuzano - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NorSat-1: Enabling High Performance and Multipurpose Microsatellite Missions
Payam Mehradnia, Alexander Beattie, Daniel Kekez, Robert Zee - Space Flight Laboratory; Benjamin Walter, Silvio Koller, Daniel Pfiffner, Wolfgang Finsterle - Physikalisch Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos/World Radiation Centre

Demonstration in Space of a Smart Hyperspectral Imager for Nanosatellites
Marco Esposito, Chris van Dijk, Nathan Vercruyssen, Simon Silvio Conticello, Pierluigi Foglia Manzillo, Rick Koeleman - cosine measurement systems; Bavo Delauré, Iskander Benhadj - VITO NV

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Session II: Next on the Pad

A preview of missions that are scheduled to fly within the next 18 months, with an emphasis on the missions and their scientific or technological purpose.

Session Chair: GP Sandhoo, Naval Research Laborator

4:30 PM
TARANIS: Myriade Small Satellite for TLE Observation, 8 Instruments Challenge.
Pierre Spizzi - CNES

4:45 PM
CeREs: The Compact Radiation Belt Explorer
Shrikanth Kanekal, John Lucas - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

5:00 PM
Validating an Entangled Photon Light Source in Space with the SpooQy-1 CubeSat
Xueliang Bai, Robert Bedington, Karthik Ilangovan, Hong Nguyen, Rakhitha Chandrasekara, Alexander Lohrmann, Aitor Zafra, Tanvirul Islam - National University of Singapore

5:15 PM
SSO-A: The First Large Commercial Dedicated Rideshare Mission
Scott Schoneman, Jeff Roberts, Adam Hadaller, Tony Frego, Kristen Smithson, Eric Lund - Spaceflight Industries

5:30 PM
New Capabilities for All-Weather Microwave Atmospheric Sensing Using CubeSats and Constellations
Bill Blackwell - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5:45 PM
Making the Invisible Visible: Precision RF-Emitter Geolocation from Space by the HawkEye 360 Pathfinder Mission
Karan Sarda - Space Flight Laboratory; Dan CaJacob - HawkEye 360; Nathan Orr - Deep Space Industries; Robert Zee - Space Flight Laboratory


Watching the World Go By
Alex Da Silva Curiel, Nimal Navarathinam, Rachel Bird, Andrew Cawthorne, Luis Gomes, Simon Prasad, Liam Sills, Martin Sweeting - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

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Tuesday, August 7

Session III: Advanced Technologies I

Innovative technologies (hardware or software) that provide significant capability advancements in small satellite missions.

Session Chair: Natalie Watson, Millennium Space Systems

8:00 AM
ADEPT, A Mechanically Deployable Re-Entry Vehicle System, Enabling Interplanetary CubeSat and Small Satellite Missions
Alan Cassell, Brandon Smith, Paul Wercinski, Shakib Ghassemieh - NASA Ames Research Center; Kenneth Hibbard - The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab; Adam Nelessen, James Cutts - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

8:15 AM
CubeSat Electrothermal Plasma Micro-Thruster: System Development and Integration
Sebastian Gnagy, Alec Henkenm Amelia Greig - California Polytechnic State University

8:30 AM
Test and Development of Prototype 1000W X-band Microwave Solid-State Power Amplifier for Small SAR Satellite
Hiromi Watanabe - Keio University; Koji Tanaka, Koichi Ijichi, Hirobumi Saito - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Seiko Shirasaka - Keio University

8:45 AM
One-year Lunar Calibration Result of Hodoyoshi-1, Moon as an Ideal Target for Small Satellite Radiometric Calibration
Toru Kouyama, Ryosuke Nakamura - National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology; Soushi Kato – Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan; Naoki Miyashita - Axelspace Corporation

9:00 AM
Qube - A CubeSat for Quantum Key Distribution Experiments
Roland Haber, Daniel Garbe, Klaus Schilling – Center for Telematics; Wenjamin Rosenfeld - Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich;

9:15 AM
Four-Magnetometer Board for CubeSat Applications
Leonardo Regoli, Mark Moldwin, Jacob Thoma, Matthew Pellioni, Bret Bronner - University of Michigan

9:30 AM
Monofilament Vaporization Propulsion (MVP) - CubeSat Propulsion System with Inert Polymer Propellant
Curtis Woodruff, David Carroll, Darren King, Rodney Burton, Neil Hejmanowski - CU Aerospace

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Session IV: Delivering Mission Success

Engineering design processes, testing, verification, or operational approaches that are consistent with small satellite programmatics, that can increase the overall mission success of small satellite missions.

Session Chair: Catherine Venturini, The Aerospace Corportation

10:30 AM
The Small Satellite Reliability Initiative: A Public-Private Effort Addressing SmallSat Mission Confidence
Michael Johnson - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Patricia Beauchamp, Harald Schone - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Catherine Venturini – The Aerospace Corporation; Lee Jasper - Space Dynamics Laboratory; Robbie Robertson – Cubic Aerospace; Miquel Moe, Jesse Leitner – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

10:45 AM
Improving Mission Success of CubeSats
Catherine Venturini, Barbara Braun, David Hinkley - The Aerospace Corporation; Greg Berg - formerly at The Boeing Company

11:00 AM
Building, Deploying and Operating a Cubesat Constellation - Exploring the Less Obvious Reasons Space is Hard
Jeroen Cappaert - Spire Global Inc.

11:15 AM
Achieving Small Satellite "Smart Space"
Angel Vergara, Brian Kosinski Space, Aaron Rogers – SSL, A Maxar Technologies Company

11:30 AM
Bolstering Mission Success: Lessons Learned for Small Satellite Developers Adhering to Manned Spaceflight Requirements
Henry Martin, Conor Brown, Tristan Prejean, Nathan Daniels - NanoRacks

11:45 AM
Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute’s Federated Databases and State of the Art of Small Spacecraft Report
Bruce Yost, Craig Burkhard, David Mayer, Sasha Weston, Julianna Fishman - NASA Ames Research Center


ACES RED Experiment #1 Environmental Test Results for Industrial Grade, Non-traditional, and Other Components Lacking Flight Heritage
Mason Nixon, Christopher Duron - US Army Space and Missile Defense Command Army; Jameson Hilliard, Eric Becnel – Radiance Technologies; Gauge Day, John Gould, Jessica Shrontz, Evan Swinney – Systems Management and Production Center

Optimized Flight Preparation Process for the First Vega Ride-Share Mission
Fabio Caramelli, Francois Battie, Aldo Scaccia, Arturo De Lillis - European Space Agency; Claude Dupuis – Arianespace; Augusto Cramarossa, Alessandro Gabrielli - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

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Session V: Science / Mission Payloads I

Innovative technologies or systems that enable cutting-edge missions to be formulated.

Session Chair: Rainer Sandau, International Academy of Astronautics

1:45 PM
Design Principles for Smallsat SARs
Anthony Freeman – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

2:00 PM
Small Satellite Platform Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Mission Concept and Implementation
William Deininger, William Kalinowski, Kyle Bygott, Brian Smith, Colin Peterson, Spencer Antoniak, Jennifer Erickson, Sandra Johnson - Ball Aerospace

2:15 PM
Challenges and Solutions for Lunar Ice Cube BIRCHES and Other First Generation Cubesat Lunar Orbital Science Payloads
Pamela Clark - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Benjamin Malphrus, Kevin Brown - Morehead State University; Cliff Brambora, Dave Folta, William Farrell, Robert MacDowall, Terry Hurford – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2:30 PM
A Highly Miniaturized Satellite Payload Based on a Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer for the Detection of Faint Emissions in the Atmosphere
Martin Kaufmann, Michael Deiml, Jilin Liu, Qiuyu Chen, Oliver Wroblowski, Martin Riese - Research Centre Jülich; Friedhelm Olschewski, Ralf Koppmann - University of Wuppertal

2:45 PM
CubeX: A Compact X-ray Telescope Enables Both X-ray Fluorescence Imaging Spectroscopy and Pulsar Timing Based Navigation
Jan Stupl, Monica Ebert, David Mauro – Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies; Jaesub Hong - Harvard University; Suzanne Romaine, Almus Kenter, Janet Evans, Ralph Kraft - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

3:00 PM
The Aeolus Mission Concept, an Innovative Mission to Study the Winds and Climate of Mars
David Mauro - Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.; Anthony Colaprete - NASA Ames Research Center; Amanda Cook, Timothy Snyder, Kellen Bonner, Daniel Larrabee, Andres Dono-Perez, Ali Kashani – Millennium Engineering and Integration

3:15 PM
Microsats and Moby Dick: Microsatellite Support to Whale Science and Conservation
Matt Bille, Rachel Dendiu, Kirk Borne, Laurie Baker, Steve Brune, Ian Byrnes, Chris Round – Booz Allen Hamilton

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Special Session: Science and Future Directions

An overview of science driving future concepts from organizations across the space industry.

Session Chair: Aaron Rogers, SSL Maxar

4:15 PM
Scalable Mission Assurance and a Construct for Increasing Mission Tempo
David Voss - Air Force Research Laboratory

4:35 PM
Background of Environmental Testing Standard "ISO-19683"
Hirokazu Masui - Kyushu Institute of Technology

4:55 PM
Disrupting the Space Enterprise
Fred Kennedy - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

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Session VI: The Year in Review II

A review of missions that have been launched in the past 18 months, with an emphasis on lessons learned and/or the technological advancements that significantly enhanced mission utility.

Session Chair: John Hanson, CrossTrac Engineering

5:15 PM
Advancing Technology for NASA Science with Small Spacecraft
Michael Seablom, Florence Tan, Charles Norton, and Daniel Moses - NASA Headquarters; Lawrence Kepko - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

5:30 PM
Kestrel Eye Block II
Chip Hardy – US Army Space and Missile Defense Command; Kenneth Bocam, Kenneth Hyatt, Stephen Kalasky, Dominick Risaliti, Krystal Arroyo-Flores, Fred Eckert, Gregory Gallant – Adcole Maryland Aerospace

5:45 PM
The ISARA Mission - Flight Demonstration of a High Gain Ka-Band Antenna for 100Mbps Telecom
Richard Hodges, Dorothy Lewis, Matthew Radway, Armen Toorian, Fernando Aguirre, Daniel Hoppe, Biren Shah, Andrew Gray - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Wednesday, August 8, 2017

Session VII: Science / Mission Payloads II

Innovative technologies or systems that enable cutting-edge missions to be formulated.

Session Chair: James Spann, NASA Marshall

8:00 AM
Engineering-Model Results of X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar for Small Satellite and its Application to Constellation Mission
Hirobumi Saito, Prilando Akbar, Koji Tanaka, Koichi Ijichi, Makoto Mita - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Budhaditya Pyne, Tomoki Kaneko, Toshihiro Obata - The University of Tokyo

8:15 AM
SmallSat Solar Axion X-ray Imager (SSAXI)
Jaesub Hong - Harvard University; Suzanne Romaine, Christopher Moore, Katharine Reeves, Almus Kenter - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory; Brian Ramsey, Kiranmayee Kilrau – NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Kerstin Perez – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

8:30 AM
SIGINT: The Mission CubeSats are Made For
Marcin Brodecki, Zeger de Groot - Innovative Solutions in Space

8:45 AM
GOMX-4 - The Twin European Mission for IOD Purposes
Laura Léon, Per Koch – GomSpace; Roger Walker – European Space Agency

9:00 AM
Flight Model Design and Development Status of the Earth - Moon Lagrange Point Exploration CubeSat EQUULEUS Onboard SLS EM-1
Ryu Funase, Satoshi Ikari, Yosuke Kawabata, Shintaro Nakajima, Shunichiro Nomura, Kota Kakihara, Ryohei Takahashi, Kanta Yanagida - The University of Tokyo

9:15 AM
Laser Crosslink Atmospheric Sounder to Investigate the Effects of Deep Convection on Ozone
Cadence Payne, Kerri Cahoy, Daniel Cziczo - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; John Conklin - University of Florida; Michael Hart - University of Arizona; Gottfried Kirchengaast - University of Graz; -Ing Nicolas Fraunhofer - Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute

9:30 AM
Starling1: Swarm Technology Demonstration
Hugo Sanchez, Dawn Mcintosh, Howard Cannon, Craig Pires - NASA Ames Research Center; Josh Sullivan, Simone D’Amico – Stanford University; Brendan O’Connor – Emergent Space Technologies

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Session VIII: Frank J. Redd Student Competition

Technical Chair: Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr., Oakman Aerospace

Endowment Chair: Valerie Skarupa, Spaceflight Industries


Michael Trela, Industry SME – Industry
Marco Esposito, Cosine – International
GP Sandhoo, Naval Research Laboratory – DoD
Lucy Berthoud, University of Bristol – Academia
Anthony Freeman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory – NASA
Joy Colucci, Metis Technology Solutions – At Large

10:45 AM
Extending Target Tracking Capabilities through Trajectory and Momentum Setpoint Optimization
Robert Magner - University of Toronto

11:00 AM
Non-coherent LED Arrays as Ground Beacons for Small Satellite Optical Communications Systems
Christian Haughwout - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

11:15 AM
Improved Model for Low Cost Sun Sensor Attitude Filtering
Nicholas DiGregorio - University at Buffalo

11:30 AM
Attitude Dynamics Modeling of Nanosatellites with Flexible Deployable Structures
Mandar Phadnis - University of Colorado, Boulder

11:45 AM
Payload Configuration, Integration and Testing of the Deformable Mirror Demonstration Mission (DeMi) CubeSat
Jennifer Gubner - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12:00 PM
Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Commercial and Scientific Applications of Formation Flying
Nathan Cole, Starla Talbot - University of Toronto

Session IX: Space Access

Launch systems, rideshares, or multi-manifest opportunities that are specifically designed to provide access to space for small satellites.

Session Chair: Carrie O'Quinn, The Aerospace Corporation

1:45 PM
Small Launch Vehicles - A 2018 State of the Industry Survey
Carlos Niederstrasser – Northrop Grumman Corporation

2:00 PM
NASA's Space Launch System: Opportunities for Small Satellites to Deep Space Destinations
Kimberly Robinson, Andrew Schorr, David Smith - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

2:15 PM
SS-520 Nano Satellite Launcher and its Flight Result
Yoshifumi Inatani - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Hiroto Habu – IHI Aerospace

2:30 PM
Update on Improving Launch Vibration Environments for CubeSats
David Pignatelli, Ryan Nugent, Jordi Puig-Suari - California Polytechnic State University; Justin Carnahan - Tyvan Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc.


Setting the Standard: Recommendations on "Launch Unit" Standard SmallSat Sizes between CubeSats and ESPA-Class
Carrie O'Quinn, Barbara Braun, Allison Taylor, Danielle Piskorz - The Aerospace Corporation; Christopher Loghry – Moog; Jeffrey Kwong - VOX Space

Internally Isolated 12U Rail CubeSat Dispenser with Analyzable Boundary Conditions
Justin Carnahan, Austin Kruggel, David Callen - Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems

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Session X: Ground Systems

Innovative technologies or systems (hardware or software) for ground networks, mission operations centers, or science/data analysis that provide significant advances in mission utility.

Session Chair: Bryan Klofas, Planet

4:15 PM
A Dynamic Open Source Long Term Archiving and Trending Solution for Small Satellites
Ryan Melton, Jason Thomas - Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation

4:30 PM
Overview of the Satellite Networked Open Ground Stations (SatNOGS) Project
Dan White - Valparaiso University; Corey Shields, Pierros Papadeas, Agisilaos Zisimatos, Manolis Surligas, Matthaios Papamatthaiou, Dimitrios Papadeas, Eleytherios Kosmas – Libre Space Foundation

4:45 PM
Cost Effective, Flexible Ground Architecture Using Software Defined Radio and GNU Radio
Thomas Summers, Jackson Schmandt, Eric Cheung, Chad Gentry, Yunghsin Chen - Naval Research Laboratory

5:00 PM
Message Scheduling Optimization with Energy Constraints and Uncertain Demands in a Store-and-Forward Nanosatellite Communications Architecture
Michelle Song – University of Washington; Cherry Wakayama - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific; Zelda Zabinsky - University of Washington

5:15 PM
Determination of Earth Station Antenna G/T Using the Sun or the Moon as an RF Source
Michael Morgan - Orbital Systems, Ltd.

5:30 PM
Investigation of CSAC Driven One-Way Ranging Performance for CubeSat Navigation
Margaret Rybak, Penina Axelrad - University of Colorado, Boulder; Jill Suebert – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

5:45 PM
A Novel IP-Centric Approach to LEO Communications
Brian Chandler - Viasat, Inc.

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Thursday, August 9

Session XI: Assuring the Space Ecosystem I

Small satellite missions and their relationship to mission success, the sustainability of space, space situational awareness, space traffic management, and licensing and regulation.

Session Chair: Owen Brown, Scientific Systems

8:00 AM
ELROI: A License Plate for Satellites That Anyone Can Read
Rebecca Holmes, David Palmer - Los Alamos National Laboratory

8:15 AM
Spacecraft Anomaly Attribution Tradecraft Must Evolve
Darren McKnight - Integrity Applications, Inc.

8:30 AM
The Growing LEO/GEO Interference Challenge
Bob Potter - Kratos

8:45 AM
Flight Results of the InflateSail Spacecraft and Future Applications of DragSails
Ben Taylor, Craig Underwood - Surrey Space Centre; Andrew Viquerat - University of Surrey; Mark Schenk - University of Bristol; Simon Fellowes - Surrey Space Centre; Chiara Massimiani - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.; Richard Duke, Brian Stewart - Surrey Space Centre

9:00 AM
Evaluating the Risk Posed by Propulsive Small Satellites with Unencrypted Communications Channels to High-Value Orbital Regimes
Andrew Kurzrok - Yale University; Manuel Diaz Ramos – University of Colorado, Boulder; Flora Mechentel - Stanford University

9:15 AM
Optical Communications Downlink from a 1.5U CubeSat: OCSD Program
Todd Rose, Darren Rowen, Steven LaLumondiere, Nicolette Werner, Roberto Linares, Addison Faler, Joe Wicker, Chris Coffman - The Aerospace Corporation

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Session XII: Advanced Technologies II

Innovative technologies (hardware or software) that provide significant capability advancements in small satellite missions.

Session Chair: Joe Cardin, Vacco

10:30 AM
Dual Circularly Polarization X band 2Gbps Downlink Communication System of Earth Observation Satellite
Tomoki Kaneko - The University of Tokyo; Hirobumi Saito, Makoto Mita - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Yasuhiro Ohikata - Mebius Corporation

10:45 AM
Radiation-Tolerant, GaN-based Point of Load Converters for Small Spacecraft Missions
Thomas Cook, Nicholas Franconi, Bradley Shea, Christopher Wilson, Brandon Grainger, Alan George – National Science Foundation; Ansel Barchowsky - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

11:00 AM
Utilizing Commercial DSLR for High Resolution Earth Observation Satellite
Nobutada Sako - Canon Electronics Inc.

11:15 AM
F Prime: An Open-Source Framework for Small-Scale Flight Software Systems
Robert Bocchino, Timothy Canham, Garth Watney, Leonard Reder, Jeffrey Levison - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

11:30 AM
Integration and Testing of the Nanosatellite Optical Downlink Experiment
Cadence Payne, Alexa Aguilar, Derek Barnes, Rodrigo Diez, Joseph Kusters, Peter Grenfell, Raichelle Aniceto, Chloe Sackier - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

11:45 AM
Planning for End-Of-Life Satellite Disposal; The Story of a High Strain Composite Tip-Rolled De-Orbit Sail
Bruce Davis, Andrew Tomchek, Dana Turse, Ryan VanHalle, Kamron Medina, Will Francis, Chris Pearson - Roccor

12:00 PM
Design of Reaction Wheel Drive Based on Gallium Nitride MOSFETs
Abdallah Alansaari, Alexandros Tsoupos, Prashanth Marpu - Khalifa University

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Poster Session 1

Tuesday, August 7

9:45 am – 10:45 am
3:30 pm – 4:15 pm

Agile Logistic: Transportation and Integration of Small Satellites
Karthik Govindhasamy, Chester Gilmore, Michael Soulage, Rupesh Gandupalli, Jacob Stern, Alex Wen, Arthur Descamps, Aurore Piazza - Planet

Small Satellites an Overview and Assessment
Joseph Kopacz, Jason Roney - University of Denver; Roman Herschitz - Lockheed Martin

A Dual Track Approach to Achieve Albedo Insensitivity for Sunsensors
Stefan Schmidt Lens, Dick Broekmans - Lens Research and Development; Richard Visee – Systematic; Kouchi Zhang - Technical University Delft; Johan Leijtens - Lens Research and Development

CubeSat Mission to Demonstrate Aerodynamically Controlled Re-Entry using the Drag De-Orbit Device (D3)
Sanny Omar, David Guglielmo, Giuseppe Di Mauro, Tanya Martin, Riccardo Bevilacqua - University of Florida

Simulating Iridium Satellite Coverage for CubeSats in Low Earth Orbit
Liam David, Anonto Zaman - Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Utilization of Next Generation, Multi-junction GaAs Based Solar Cells, Advanced Composite Structures and Manufacturing Technologies Combine to Provide Highly Robust Platforms for Small Satellites and LEO Constellations
Marc L. Breen - SolAero Technologies

Best Practices for Electric Propulsion Systems Useful for NASA Small Satellites
Thomas Liu, John Yim, Gabriel Benavides - NASA Glenn Research Center

LEO SmallSats for Resiliency and Extending GPS Signals to Disadvantaged Users
Francis Czopek, James Wertz, Richard Van Allen, John Collins - Microcosm Inc.

Cusp Plasma Imaging Detector CubeSat Observatory: Mission Overview
Emil Atz, Brian Walsh, Aleks Zosuls - Boston University; Homayon Aryan, Lisa Billingsley, Michael Collier - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Hyunju Connor - University of Alaska Fairbanks; Brenda Dingwall - NASA Wallops Flight Facility

The Vega Launch System for SmallSats
Angelo Fontana - Avio SpA; Marino Fragnito - Arianespace

The Flexible LEO Platform for Small Satellite Missions
Bharadwaj Chintalapati - Airbus Defence and Space; Philipp Stoecker - Duale Hochschule Baden-Wüttemberg; Christoph Kuckelkorn - Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen University; Christian Sayer - Cobham Gaisler; Roger Peel - 4Links Limited; Jens Eickhoff - Airbus Defence and Space

Overview of Small Spacecraft Technology Activities at the NASA Glenn Research Center
Fred Elliott, Michael Piszczor, Geoffrey Landis, Thomas Miller, Katie Oriti, Steven Schneider, Charles Sarmiento, James Budinger - NASA Glenn Research Center

How to Deliver Hosted Payload Mission Success - Lessons Learned from the Orbital Test Bed Mission
Matt Yavorsky - General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems; Todd Ely, Jill Seubert - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Launching Small Satellites on Cluster Missions
Mila Savelyeva - JSC "GK Lauch Services"

Augmenting NOAA's operational mission with SmallSats
Dan Mamula, John Pereira, Frank Gallagher - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Joanne Ostroy - Aerospace Corporation; Jacob Inskeep - Riverside Technology

Large Nanosatellite Platforms for Advanced Payloads: The 12U Satellite ERNST
Clemens Horch, Martin Schimmerohn, Frank Schäfer - Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed-Dynamics

Mission Control as a Service - Turn Key Solution for NewSpace Satellite Missions
Lauri Kimmel, Silver Lodi - Spaceit

Nonlinear Control of Relative Translational Motion of Formation Flying Spacecraft
Richard Adcock, Asal Naseri - University of New Mexico; Steven Stochaj - New Mexico State University; Neerav Shah - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; John Krizmanic - University of Maryland

Thermal Control for Electronically Scanning Liquid Crystal Antenna on a 6U CubeSat Platform
Jeff Beckman, Joe Smith - Quartus Engineering

Space Qualification of a Hyperspectral FTS Instrument for CubeSat Applications
Ron Glumb, Michael Lapsley - Harris

Development and Testing of Fast and Portable Data-Handling Models in a Synchronous Small Satellite Simulator
Kai Leidig - Institute of Space Systems; Bharadwaj Chintalapati, Jens Eickhoff - Airbus Defence and Space GmbH

Alternative Launch Funding for Student Nanosatellite Missions
Katie Gwozdecky, Stephen Dodge - University of Toronto Aerospace Team

Collocated Compact UHF and L-Band Antenna for Nanosatellite Applications
Rémi Fragnier, Romain Contreres, Baptiste Palacin, Kévin Elis, Anthony Bellion, Maxime Romier, Gwen Le Fur, Tomasz Maleszka - CNES

Optimizing Product Quality and Cost for Small Satellite Earth Imaging Constellations by Incorporating Automated Vicarious Calibration in the Processing Pipeline
Stephen Schiller, Marcus Teter, John Silny - Raytheon

Characterization of Metallic Plasma Surface Coating on Solar Cell Function
Michael Sanders, Nicholas Bakulinski - U.S. Naval Academy; Michael Keidar - The George Washington University

Advantages and Limitations of Small Satellites in Low Earth Orbit Constellations: A Prospective Review
Veronica Foreman, Afreen Siddiqi, Olivier de Weck - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Corvus-BC On Orbit Report
Brian Cooper - Astro Digital US, Inc.

Wideband Data Transport Limitation and Considerations for Space to Ground Links
Chris Badgett, John Heskett, Jordan Klepper - RT Logic

On-Orbit Performance & Operation of the Attitude & Pointing Control Subsystems on ASTERIA
Christopher Pong - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Preliminary Results From New On-Orbit Cubesat Cameras: Daytime and Nighttime Imaging Using CUMULOS and the Aerocube-7 10-Megapixel Camera Systems
Dee Pack, Christopher Coffman, Garrett Kinum, Darren Rowen, John Santiago, Brian Hardy, Richard Welle - The Aerospace Corporation

Concept and Feasibility of One-Embedded System Payload Including Baseband Communication
Shih-Ming Wang, Tai-Wei Lin, Chieh-Fu Chang - National Space Organization

Assessment of Orbit Maintenance Strategies for Small Satellites
Samuel Low - Singapore University of Technology and Design; Yong Chia - DSO National Laboratories

LauncherOne and the STP-27VP Mission - Changing the Launch Calculus for Department of Defense Launches
Omar Hernandez, Mandy Vaughn, Jeffrey Kwong - VOX Space; Ted Marrujo – Space and Missiles Center

Automatic Scheduling for a Ground Segment as a Service Platform Dedicated to Small Satellites
Enrico Zucchelli, Ruben Di Battista, Giovanni Bortoletto, Luca Rebellato - Leaf Space

A Clean Sweep for Constellation Orbits
Nobu Okada, Chris Blackerby, Akira Okomoto, Jason Foreshaw - Astroscale Ltd.; Alex da Silva Curiel, Phil Kinsey, Anita Bernie, Luis Gomes, Martin Sweeting - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

Design and AIV of Ongoing ISS Based Student Project for Analysis of RF Spectrum Utilization
Ilja Skrypnyk, Jitendra Bhat-Hire-Technische Universitat Berlin

TSAT4: A Modular 3U CubeSat Characterizing Anabaena Cylindrica in Low Earth Orbit
Matthew Driedger, Morgan Taverner, Valorie Platero-University of Manitoba

Designing a Boosting Microthruster for Altitude Maintenance of Picosatellites
Rishvinder Singh, Mohamed Faiz – Nanyang Technological University

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Poster Session 2

Wednesday, August 8

9:45 am – 10:30 am
3:30 pm – 4:15 pm

Repurposing a COTS FPGA in Space to Test for Single Event Upsets in Low Earth Orbit
Stanislav Stanev, Alexander Utter, Scott Davis, Andrew Chin, Ariel Berman - The Aerospace Corporation

Recovering Time and State for Autonomous Navigation in Deep Space with SmallSats
Andrew Dahir, Daniel Kubitschek, Scott Palo - University of Colorado Boulder

Design of a Low Consumption Magnetic Coil Assembly for the Attitude Control System of a CubeSat 6U
Jéssica Azevedo - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica; Mario Cesar Ricci - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais; Luis Loures, Valdemir Carrara - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica

Modular Architecture Propulsion System (MAPS™)
Steven Nelson, Peter Current - Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company

The Undergraduate Nano Ionospheric Temperature Explorer (UNITE) CubeSat: Design through Flight Hardware Delivery
Wyatt Helms, Sujan Kaphle, Glen Kissel, Ryan Loehrlein, Zack Snyder, Kendall Spiller - University of Southern Indiana

Orbital Navigation Using Resident Space Object Observations
Matt Driedger, Philip Ferguson - University of Manitoba

skCube - Results From Six Months Of The First Slovak Satellite in Orbit
Jakub Kapus - Slovak Organisation for Space Activities; Michaela Musilova - Slovak University of Technology; Robert Laszlo, Adam Krovina - Slovak Organisation for Space Activities

"Black Box" Beacon for Mission Success, Insurance, and Debris Mitigation
Hank Voss, Jeff Dailey, Matt Orvis - NearSpace Launch; Art White, Stefan Brandle - Taylor University

Full-Sky/Time X-ray Imaging Observatory (4piXIO)
Jonathan Grindlay, Jaesub Hong, Branden Allen, Daniel Violette - Harvard University

Active Thermal Architecture for Cryogenic Optical Instrumentation
Russell Babb, Sarah Abdel-Motaleb, Lucas Anderson, Charles Swenson - Utah State University; Arthur Mastropietro, Elham Maghsoudi, Simon Luong, Ian Mckinley, Jonathan Sauder, Thomas Pagano - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Developing Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Systems as Testbeds for CubSat Satellites
Javier Gonzalez-Rocha, John Angarita, Kevin Schroeder, Jonathan Black - Virginia Tech

High Data Throughput Downlink Device
Christopher Simpson, Prasad Gogineni, Stephen Yan, Charles O'Neill - The University of Alabama

Time-To-Digital Converter vs. Analog-To-Digital Converter and Matched Filter Performance in Nanosatellite Optical Receivers
Alexa Aguilar, Rodrigo Diez, Paul Serra - University of Florida; Jim Clark, Kerri L. Cahoy - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Radiance Validation of Small Satellite Microwave Radiometers using the Community Radiative Transfer Model (CRTM)
Angela Crews, Kerri Cahoy – Massachusetts Institute of Technology; William Blackwell, Vincent Leslie, Idahosa Osaretin, Michael DiLiberto, Adam Milstein – Lincoln Laboratory; Michael Grant – NASA Langely Research Center

Deep-Space Laser Guide Star Satellite for a Large Segmented Aperture Space Telescope
Weston Marlow, Jim Clark, Ewan Douglas - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Jared Males Jennifer Lumbres - University of Arizona; Gregory Allan, Ashley Carlton - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Olivier Guyon - University of Arizona

A Novel MAC Protocol for Communication Between LEO Satellites And Large Groups Of Sensors Intended for IoT
Alex Becerra - Aurora Space; Tomás Ferrer, Sandra Céspedes - University of Chile

Virtual, Multi-Modal Satellite Constellation Data Analysis for Automated Global Food Security Forecasting
Daniela Moody, Melanie Corcoran - Descartes Labs

Understanding Persistence for Better Exploitation, Analysis, and Tasking (UPBEAT)
John Irvine, Tristan Endsley, Connie Fournelle, Harry Gao, David Phillips, Jana Schwartz, Emily Vincent, Richard Wood - Draper

Rust, C and the Future of Flight Software Languages
Ryan Plauche - Kubos

Comet: A Launch-Safe, Low-Cost Water-Based Propulsion System for Nano- and Microsatellites
Grant Bonin, Vincent Tarantini, Nathan Orr, Scott Armitage - Deep Space Industries

LinkStar-Cloud: Moving Data from A Small Satellite to the Cloud to the Smart Phone, Tablet and Beyond
Andrew Santangelo - sci_Zone; Jake Santangelo - Adventurate

The Secret to Increasing System Power and Design Flexibility: A Critical Look at Small Satellite Thermal Management
Steven Isaacs, Mike Hulse, Chris Pearson - Roccor LLC

A CAN Bus for Low-Cost, High-Reliability, and Simple Distributed Mission Architectures
Paul Sturmer, Jeff Chrisope, Robert Winglee, Aaron Adler - University of Washington

Laser Communication Crosslinks for Satellite Autonomous Navigation
Pratik Dave, Kerri Cahoy - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Small Satellites Impact Global Compliance, Standards, Licensing and Data Access Technology - Build a Business Plan to Address these Impacts
Shawana Johnson - Global Marketing Insights, Inc.; Megan Rohrer - George Washington University

Delivery of Commercially Viable Resilient Constellation Solutions
JW Peter Anderson - AAC-Clyde

New Space and Mass Production of Small Satellites
Chester Gilmore, Michael Soulage, Rupesh Gandupalli, Jacob Stern - Planet

OTVAC (Optical Thermal and VACuum) Test to Ensure Quick Validation of Optical Instrument
Michael Soulage, Chester Gilmore, Kenji Ozawa, Derek Chan, Joe Warga, Paul Boerner, Arthur Descamps, Aurore Piazza - Planet

An Open Source Radio for Low Cost Small Satellite Ranging
Grant Iraci, Chris Gnam-University at Buffalo

Control of Long-Term Low-Thrust Small Satellites Orbiting Mars
Christopher Swanson-University of Florida

INSPIRESat-1 Nanosat Mission
Ankit Verma-Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology; Yi Duann-National Central University; Spencer Boyajian-University of Colorado Boulder

In-Flight Magnetometer Calibration with Temperature Compensation for PHOENIX CubeSat
Ming-Yang Hong-National Cheng Kung University

Thermal Management and Design of High Heat Small Satellite Payloads
Casper Versteeg – University of Georgia

A Near Real Time Space Based Computer Vision System for Accurate Terrain Mapping
Caleb Adams – University of Georgia

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Swifty Sessions

Swifty Session 1

Tuesday, August 7

9:45 am - 10:30 am

First Flight of the Sprite: On-Orbit Demonstration of the World's Smallest Satellites
Zachary Manchester - Stanford University

Spectrally Aware and Cognitive Radios for Smallsat Ground Systems
Brandon King - RT Logic

The NASA Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration Program: Mission Overview
Siegfried Janson, Richard Welle, Darren Rowen, Brian Hardy, Todd Rose, Christopher Coffman, David Hinkley - The Aerospace Corporation

Qualification and Flight Acceptance Testing of a Groundbreaking CubeSat Ion Propulsion System
Michael Tsay, John Frongillo, Joshua Model, Carl Barcroft, Charlie Feng - Busek Company Incorporated

New Solar Array Technology Provides 25% More Power, First Flight Confirms Advantages
Bryan Helgesen, Brian Anthony - Sierra Nevada Corporation

Investigation into New Ground Based Communications Service Offerings in Response to SmallSat Trends
Scott Schaire, Serhat Altunc, Yen Wong, Obadiah Kegege, Marta Shelton, George Bussey - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Marcus Murbach - NASA Ames Research Center; Howard Garon - ASRC Federal Space and Defense

Comparative Assessment of Recent Earth Observation Smallsat Missions and Strategy
Carolyn Belle, Dallas Kasaboski, Claude Rousseau – Northern Sky Research

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Swifty Session 2

Wednesday, August 8

9:45 am - 10:30 am

Mitigating Software-Based Risks in Cubesat Missions
Catherine Garabedian - Kubos

Orbital Factory II: a 3D Printer CubeSat with Self-repairing Purposes
Michael Everett, Angel Flores-Abad, Kazi Billah, Arifur Khan, Ahsan Choudhuri - University of Texas at El Paso

ESPA Grande Qualification
Joe Maly – Moog; Gregory Sanford – LoadPath; Andy Williams - Air Force Research Laboratory; Francisco Roybal – The Aerospace Corporation

Don't Just Recycle, But Innovate! Designing a New Approach for Ground Control
Nadja Adilovic, Pete Paceley - Draper

ERIS: Safe Segmented Solid-Fuel Solid-Oxidizer Propulsion System with Electrolyzer Ignition
Nicholas Dallmann, Kavitha Chintam, David Hemsing, Joseph Lichthardt, Ian Shelburne, Bryce Tappan, Mahlon Wilson - Los Alamos National Laboratory

ADCS with Real Attitude
Andrew Strain, Thomas Carroll, Colin Waddell - Clyde Space

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