2017 Donors

Thank you Frank J. Redd Competition Donors


Joe Maly
Kerri Cahoy
Eric Anderson
John Freund
Charles Norton
Peter Wegner
Melissa Wuerl
Aaron Rogers
Dave Jungkind
Lars Wells
Justin Kugler
Komatsu Hiromitsu

Bronze Level: $500

Tzero Consulting
Gil and Phyllis Moore
Brian Horais
The Aerospace Corporation
ATA Aerospace
Lockheed Martin
New Space Systems
Orbital ATK
New Space Systems

Silver Level: $1000

Valerie Skarupa and Jeff Sherk
Maureen O’Brien and Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr.
Northrup Grumman
Mid-Atlantic Spaceport
Spaceflight Industries
Vulcan Wireless

Benefactor Level: $5000

Space Dynamics Laboratory
Oakman Aerospace
Chris McCormick/PlanetiQ
Andrew and Erin Buteau


Thank yous

As far back as I can remember I have always dreamed of space. Working in the space industry, however, had a stayed a seemingly unattainable dream until attending the SmallSat Conference. Indeed, being able to meet people working at NASA, ESA, SpaceX and discuss in person has confirmed my determination to pursue a career in the space industry. It has also opened my eyes to the plethora of different careers to follow.

Travel Award Recipient

Imagine a place where you could talk about sending shoe box sized spacecrafts to Mars, talk about how much fun putting things like flash memories to stuff toys in radiation chambers is, talk about making satellites launched from a gun, talk your heart out about antennas and super capacitors and still be the most popular person in the room. That's SmallSat! It is the perfect 'geek asylum' where anyone in love with space systems feels perfectly at home.

Travel Award Recipient